Debian 7.0 “Wheezy” Beta4 公布

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Debian 7.0 "Wheezy" 放出第三个安装iso Beta4.二零一三-11-22,上个版本是二零一二-10-19的Beta3.离6.0 "Squeeze" 已经过去了贰十二个月。 遵照事先Debian 2年多个版本的老办法,猜测7.0正经版大概要在度岁4月左右。当然8.0的代号也一度规定。那正是”杰西“

Debian 7.0 "Wheezy" 第几个安装iso RC1 放出。二〇一一-02-17 从前版本2011-11-22的Beta4 离6.0 "Squeeze" 过去2七个月。 按事先2年贰个本子惯例,本来7.0正规版要在今年二月左右表露。看来还要延后。8.0代号也已规定。是”杰西“




  • Many updates to the linux kernel.
  • Many improvements in the netcfg component.

Debian Installer 7.0 Release Candidate 1 release

February 17th, 2013

The Debian Installer team is pleased to announce the first release candidate of the installer for Debian 7.0Wheezy.

Improvements in this release of the installer

  • console-setup: Fix support for Greek and Ethiopian layouts (#691201).
  • elilo: Fix installation on ia64 (#685186).
  • grub2: Fix some EFI boot failures (#687320).
  • linux:
    • block: fix infinite loop which caused iso-scan to hang (#684293).
    • iwlwifi: Do not request unreleased firmware for IWL6000 (#689416).
    • libata: Prevent interface errors with Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex.
    • random: Improve random number generation on non-interactive systems.
    • speakup: lower default software speech rate (#686742).
    • speakup: Fix crash on goto operation (#685953).
    • tg3: Fix TSO CAP for 5704 devs w / ASF enabled.
  • netcfg:
    • Fix dns- entries in/etc/network/interfaces(#689474).
    • Kill dhcp6c after timeout unless a lease is obtained.
    • Fix segfault whennetcfg/enableis false.
    • Prefer hostname found innetcfg/hostname(if set) over the one in DHCP/DNS.
    • Temporarily disable IPv6 privacy extensions.
    • Skip reachability test for empty gateway (#690868).
    • Obeynetcfg/disable_dhcpfor compatibility reasons and disable autoconfig.
    • Add a debconf template fornetcfg/disable_autoconfigand state thatnetcfg/disable_dhcpis deprecated.
  • rootskel:
    • Improve speech synthesis support (#690588).
    • Update lowmem limit for graphical installer.

Improvements in this release of the installer

  • brltty:

    • Fix support for thetheme=darkaccessibility option (#696972).
    • Enable orca in gnome3 sessions too.

    Please note: the gdm3 prompt isn't accessible (#694937).

  • cdebconf:
    • Fix display of info messages (e.g.Rescue modein the banner).
    • Improve speech synthesis support.
  • debconf: Fix misleading man-db title for GRUB prompt (#679327).
  • debian-cd:
    • Improve GRUB menus used when booting in UEFI mode so they match up better with the equivalent syslinux menus.
    • Change the default UEFI display resolution to 800x600 for maximum compatibility.
    • Fix README.html generation (#699198).
  • debian-installer-utils: Fix procfs mounting on GNU/kFreeBSD (#696901).
  • grub2:
    • Improve support for EFI installs: make sure/boot/grubexists, and copyunicode.pf2there (#696962, #661789).
    • Fix infinite recursion in gettext when translation fails (#611537 and many others).
  • lowmem: Adjust lowmem limit for GNU/kFreeBSD needed for ZFS volumes (#2019篮球世界杯投注官网,696786).
  • mountmedia:
    • Revert kernel bug workaround (#694082).
    • Firmware loading issues should disappear accordingly.
  • netcfg: Write network-manager configuration (included wireless settings when applicable) if it's found in the installed system; configure ifupdown for wired networking otherwise (#682608).
  • oldsys-preseed:
    • Ignore a missing gateway with DHCP (#687212).
    • Usenetcfg/disable_autoconfiginstead ofnetcfg/disable_dhcp(#689531).
  • preseed: Deal with URLs that consist of an unqualified machine name and a port (#695908).
  • qcontrol: Disable firmware watchdog on TS-219p II and TS-419p II (#693263).
  • rootskel: Use the same keymap in the virtual consoles as the one selected in the graphical installer (#606395).
  • xorg-server: Avoid cursor jumps in VirtualBox (#694598).

Hardware support changes

  • libdebian-installer: Add support for versatile express platform.
  • linux:
    • [armel/kirkwood] ahci: Add JMicron 362 device IDs (#634180).
    • asix: Support DLink DUB-E100 H/W Ver C1 (#687567).
    • ath9k: Add PID/VID support for AR1111.
    • rt2800usb: Add more device IDs.
    • udeb: Add hid-logitech-dj to input-modules (#661379).
    • udeb: Add snd-hda-codec-ca0132 to sound-modules (#682368).
    • udeb: Add fuse-modules to support os-prober (#684265).



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Hardware support changes

  • linux: Add many drivers to the installer: 8021q, adm8211, at76c50x-usb, b43legacy, bnx2fc, cxgb4, cxgb4vf, fnic, igbvf, int51x1, isci, iwl4965, ixgbevf, libertas_tf_usb, micrel, mlx4_en, mwifiex_pcie, mwl8k, orinoco_usb, pata_piccolo, pch_gbe, pmcraid, prism2_usb, qlge, r8187se, r8192e_pci, r8712u, rtl8192ce, rtl8192cu, rtl8192de, rtl8192se, smsc75xx, smsc9420, smsc95xx, tehuti, ums-eneub6250, ums-realtek, vt6656_stage, vxge (#686605, #689159, #690886, #694348, #695437).
  • linux: Add Ralink wifi device IDs: 5362, 5392, 539b (#694312).
  • linux: Add support for Lenovo 10/100 Ethernet USB dongle (#696248).




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